Land Clearing

Border Construction Services track mounted mulchers quickly and easily cut brush, trees, stumps and other cover down to and even below ground level.  It also cuts up to 18" diameter trees and underbrush into chipped mulch, which slows erosion and holds moisture in the ground. 
  • Environmentally friendly land clearing machines
  • The most cost effective land clearing method available
No Brush Piles
  • All remains are environmentally friendly mulched.
  • Brush and mulch will biodegrade over time, thereby enhancing soils.
No Burning
  • If a bulldozer had been used, you would be left with 50% dirt (dirt does not burn).  We have been hired to separate brush from dirt piles to be mulched.
  • Reduces existing brush piles to mulch.
Minimal Ground Disturbance
  • Cuts within inches from fence lines, large trees & other structures
Our equipment cuts down brush and trees up to 18" in diameter. Stumps are removed to ground level.  All material is left on the ground as mulch, there is no need for costly debris haul-off and/or unsafe site burns. The root systems of neighboring trees are not disturbed.

The perfect solution to vegetation removal for lot clearing, building pads, fence rows, survey lines, right-of-ways, recreational trails/areas, and flood control channels.

View Border Construction Services land clearing photos:

Mulched Area
   Cleared RIght of Way

For additional information on land clearing, email:

210 497 3739