Border Construction Services is a certified National Concrete Masonry Association (NCMA) retaining wall installer. We specialize in modular block and stone (quarry block / “butterstick”) retaining walls. We are familiar and up-to-date on the newest City of San Antonio building codes and can provide all engineering and permitting requirements for your next project.

We also install Rock-Fall Protection Netting. This product is installed on exposed rocky slopes and cliff faces to prevent rock and other debris from falling onto pedestrians, parking lots, roadways and any place there may be a present hazard. When surface rock and debris erodes over time, it begins to loosen and fall. With the netting in place, the rock and debris slowly work its way to the ground between the net and cliff face where it can be safely removed. Every rock-fall netting project is engineered, inspected and includes a letter of concurrence.

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