At Border Construction Services, we create a culture in which safety is a core value. Our safety program works because safety goals, expectations, and requirements are communicated clearly on a company-wide basis. Continuous safety improvement is an essential part of our culture and includes our partners and customers.

Company Safety Goals:

  • Zero Injuries—identify and take steps to address unsafe work practices and conditions, to ensure the safety and health of all personnel
  • Drug-Free Workplace—pre-employment, random and post-incident drug testing for all employees
  • Employee Accountability—empowerment to identify and correct unsafe conditions and the ability and responsibility to stop work if believed there are risks to the health and safety of any personnel
  • Teamwork—encourage teamwork among employees, contractors and customers to maintain high safety standards, awareness and integrity management
  • Responsibility—accountability for our actions and always act as good neighbors and citizens in the community and on the job site

Safety Communication:

  • Regular, all-inclusive employee safety training and meetings
  • Daily & weekly tailgate safety meetings at each job site
  • Incident & near miss reporting and reviews
  • On-site safety reference materials

Comprehensive Requirements:

  • Written safety rules and responsibilities are included in our company safety manual for each employee
  • OSHA 10 Hour training course
  • First Aid & CPR Certification
  • Personal protective equipment (PPE) requirements
  • Hazard prevention and control by regular job hazard/safety analysis for each job task being performed
  • Emergency planning/preparation
  • Site-specific programs for hazard communication
  • Daily site safety meetings

Border Construction Services complies with all OSHA requirements and trains employees accordingly. We keep detailed records of all inspections and injuries and review these records with a view to constant improvement. Fostering a strong employee ownership in our safety program has not only increased employee awareness but has resulted in an impeccable safety record. At Border Construction Services, we always take the time to do our work in a safe and environmentally sound manner. Nothing is ever too important or urgent to not do it safely!

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